We live in a time of great transition that often seems chaotic, uncertain, and even ominous. Old patterns are fading as new paradigms emerge. As the Internet advances our ability to share information and online communities thrive, our collective consciousness expands and evolves.

The growing frustration with status quo Red-vs-Blue politics in the U.S. is fueled by mounting crises that are only ignored or exacerbated by elected leaders. The government and two political parties, captured by corporate interests, function to serve power instead of the people. We are ruled by an elite few, for their benefit.

The antidote to this is a renaissance in civic life. This hybrid newsletter/podcast takes an in-depth look at modern civics, and explores ways working Americans can empower themselves through community-building. A better, healthier world *is* possible if we are bold enough to envision it and dedicated enough to build it together.

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